Getting Started

Here three things are very important


Welcome to a path breaking study of common birds across India. It is the first of its kind and it’s easy! Anyone can take part it, no matter how little experience you have with birds.

15 minute wonder


Tips and advice about how to work the 15-minute bird observation into your event.

The 15-minute bird observation exercise is at the heart of the whole project. Right observation entered in the right way will make wonders to the database of birds. But at the same time, the whole activity needs to be fun.
How do I observe birds?
Choose a time to watch birds for 15 minutes
Choose a space to watch birds (watch birds from your home, office, school or the locations you have registered. One can register more than one location)
Watch for the 18 birds in our project for 15 minutes
Mark whether or not you saw them and in what numbers
You could also note any other interesting birds seen
Tell us who filled out the data sheet. Use the allotted space on the sheet for this.
Enter the results on our website.
Record which birds you see in your birdwatching area.
Tell us about your birdwatching area
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