Common Bird Monitoring is a Citizen Science initiative of Nature Forever Society to monitor and conserve India’s Common Birds.
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The Common Bird Monitoring of India, which is aimed at mapping the distribution of common birds across various landscapes, is a Nature Forever Society Initiative and involves people ranging from the common man to professional researchers.We, at NFS, would like to express our gratitude to the following individuals/groups who have extended their whole-hearted support and provided vital inputs at various stages of the implementation of the program.

Jaypee group ( the designers of the program )

We would like to personally thank Jaypee Group and the technical team of JILIT for designing the CBMI it would have not been possible to design the website without the support extended by them.

Bushnell - A M Industrial Enterprises

Nature Forever Society expresses its gratitude towards A M Industrial Enterprises its founder Mr. Manav Walia and Mr. Arvind Tiwari its Marketing head for supporting the NFS-Bushnell Bird of the Month Photo Competition and the cause of common bird conservation in India whole heartedly.

A M Industrial Enterprises has committed to support of NFS-Bushnell Bird of the Month Photo Competition.

Bushnell is one of the world’s leading optical products company based in USA, manufacturing premium optics since 1948. A M Industrial Enterprises based in New Delhi is authorised Indian distributor of Bushnell products i.e. binoculars, spotting scopes etc. in India.

Supporting NFS-Bushnell Bird of the Month Photo Competition will help in creating awareness about conservation of common birds in India. We are confident that the association will help involving bird and nature lovers from across the country.

The Photo competition aims to raise awareness about different common birds found in our immediate vicinity, people often ignore them being commoners. The photo competition aims to encourage people to observe, photo document and monitor these extraordinary birds which are found in around them. NFS also aims to get people actively involved in conservation of our common birds.

Technical Inputs

The technical inputs provided by Dr. Subramanya and Qamar Qureshi (WII) made CBMI a reality. NFS also thanks Christopher Wood, Karen Purcell, Ken Smith, L Shyamal, Marshall J Iliff, Nikhil Devasar and Prof Janis Dickinson for their crucial inputs.


The content and editing of the website would not have been possible without the help extended by Dr. Subramanya, Rama Devi Menon and Benita Sen.


Photographs contributed by Gobind Sagar Bharadwaj, GM Garg, Jugal Kishore Tiwari, Ashish Kohalkar and Rajat Bhargava made the website more interactive and colourful.

CBMI Poster

Our special thanks to Kim Rosen for designing the attractive CBMI poster.

Other important contributors to the CBMI program are Umesh Shrikhande, Arjun Sen, Erick Rustomjee and the creative team at Contract. Debashish, Nupur Ghosh from Enchant.

Friends in the Media

Aakriti Vasudeva, Benita Sen, Madhur Singh, Manisha Phalke, Mrityunjay Bose, Nikhil Ghanekar, Poornima Kandi, Priyanka Vasaria, Quaid Najmi, Rama Devi Menon, Rito Paul, Satish Malavade, Sudeshna Chatterjee, Sumita Sarkar, Tushar Ahire, Venkateshwarlu Karingula, Vinayak Parab.

Our special thanks to Mrityunjay Bose, whose guidance and help have played a significant role in creating awareness about the CBMI.

We would also like to thank all the members of Nature Forever Society and the registered participants for their active participation in the program.

Nature Forever Society

We would like to thank Oan Dilawar, Chaitanya Chandratre, Tabbasum Sheikh, Rama Devi Menon, Mohammed Dilawar and all the trustees of Nature Forever Society.

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